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A Holiday From the Hosers



There’s been a lot of hockey talk around here the last few weeks, but I swear to Wayne Gretzky, it ends right here, right now. Losing Game 7 of a series you were once leading 3-1 will do that to you.

The only potential hitch in the plan is Keith, who is a loose cannon liable to go off on any topic known to man, as he did a few days ago when he surprisingly worked up a completely unauthorized, unsanctioned and gratuitous hockey post. We’ll forgive him because A) the post was really good, and B) he’s a mean drunk.

Bear with me as I empty my puck-crazed brain before it turns to the NBA playoffs, baseball, and just about anything else in sports besides hockey.

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The Truth

060419_springsteen_vmed_2pwidecNext Monday, I’m going with Hernandez to see Bruce Springsteen at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island. This is the first time I will see Bruce, and probably the last.

Bruce is one of those musicians who I never got into. But there’s no denying that he drives his fans absolutely apeshit, and there’s a lot to be said for getting a glimpse of that world, of that subculture. I know he’s a legend, and I truly appreciated his hammy Super Bowl set last year because I knew he didn’t give a shit about football. He just does what he does.

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NFL Draft Analysis


Did Keith mention that he, Mex and I recently performed Def Leppard’s “Photograph” while naked chicks danced onstage? Yeah, we did. And did he also mention that he and I won our fantasy basketball league? Yesiree. It’s like a 14-year-old boy’s Bucket List fulfilled! If I could just get that little slut Colleen to let me feel her tits during Seven Minutes In Heaven I could die a happy man.

Huh? Never mind.

As you can tell, it’s been a good month, for us and for sports. Unfortunately we’ve spit the bit a little recently by not posting about some of the big time goings on. In between rehearsals for said stripper gig, busy work schedules, and fighting off swine flu, we’ve been a little lax on the posts. I did write one classic live blog entry last week that was deleted by a WordPress glitch (it was the “Smile” of lost posts, only if “Smile” didn’t suck), and despite my ill health I tried to take a stab at a NFL mock draft post that I aborted quicker than a white girl’s fetus after her visit to the basketball team’s party.

But we’ll make it up to you, dear readers. We should have something up soon about my inaugural foray into fagtasy sports, as well as something on Keith’s Cardinals smacking down my horrific Mets, the Premiership/Champions League, and the NHL and NBA playoffs. Plus whatever new IKH teammate Mex wants to write about. Or maybe we won’t post anything about any of those topics. Either way I’ve probably piqued your interest. You’re too easy.

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How to make sure your team loses in the playoffs, NY Rangers style

Wow, my first hockey post!  Not a rosy one, I’m afraid.

Let’s take a look at Hernandez’s New York Rangers.  After winning 3 of the first four games, everything pointed to them advancing over a much more talented Washington Capitals squad.  In game 5, the Caps were on their way to a decisive victory that would keep their team in the series, and give the Rangers a chance to pull off the upset in their friendly confines of the World’s Most Famous Arena.  It’s not just purple copy–the Rangers are significantly better at home this year than they are on the road.

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IKH welcomes its newest member!


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Sports Quote of the Day


Heard during Monday night’s post-game show on TNT.

Ernie Johnson: Remember to tune in tomorrow for our playoff doubleheader. It’s Pistons/Cavs, followed by Lakers/Jazz, only on TNT.

Charles Barkley: Those are some mercy killings right there.

Ernie Johnson: But watch anyway!

NBA Western Conference Playoff Preview, Kinda

There’s no other way to start this post.  I’m sorry.

Last night Hernandez and I performed  Def Leppard’s ‘Photograph’ with strippers onstage as backup dancers.

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